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Sierre View Private School: An AU Gudam Wing RPG
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This is an AU RP-- That means no Gundams, no space colonies, and no huge ass war with multiple sides that if you were drunk you wouldn't get…. Heck even if you are sober it is hard to get. Why? Because this way is more fun!

Ok the story is all the characters from Gundam Wing go to a top of the class private school run by the Peacecraft's! This top of the class school is located in AMERICA! Yes America! California to be more exact. Why? Because I doubt anyone wants to come to Canada for schooling and the US was my second pick. *nods* Anyways this school is only from Grade 10 to Grade 12 (the Peacecraft's didn't like Grade 9). The Gundam Boys will be starting Grade 10 along with Relena, Hilde, and Dorothy. Lucrezia, Zech, Une, Sally, and Treize will be either Grade 11 or 12(up to the person taking the character).

OK I lied up top. There is a war and our pretty innocent characters have been thrown into it. It has been a year since they met everyone at SVPS and now after all their training it is time they bring peace to the war.

Will they be able to? Or will the many fighting countries defeat our young heros?

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1. BE ACTIVE! I mean posting everyday. Yes I know people have lives and such but for people who don't (like me) we like a very active and friend cast of people role playing. Meaning people won't get bored or have to wait for days for someone to post!
Being active is: Updating character journal, role playing over AIM (then posting it) or by a thread, making comments in other people journals, or posting something in the OC board.

2. All personal drama stays out of the community. I will not put up with someone bring in personal drama and causing havoc. You will get a warning for that.

3. You get one warning from the MOD on your first offense and the second one you are out. Unless I really love you lots.

4. ALL CHARACTERS MUST STAY IN CHARACTERS. Yes I know it is AU but that doesn't mean Heero will start giggling like a school girl or Quatre will suddenly start liking girls (just joking). Please just stay as close to the character as you can. Some things will change a character yes but it probable over a long period of time and not over night!

5. All OOC go in the OOC community which I made for OOC things. Duh! Example: Like telling us you will be away so you don't get a warning for not being active, posting something funny, icons, fan fics, or fan art that you think the others will enjoy.

6. YAOI AND YURI IS ALLOWED. Why? Because I am a huge 1x2 fan and I personally think Quatre is gay. *nods and giggles*

7. Sex, drugs, and all that good stuff is allowed here so if you don't like any of that jazz then GO AWAY! Your posts should have some sort of a warning on them though if they do turn into NC-17 or is R-rated. *nods*

8. No internet speak when role playing or in the character journals. OOC is fine. Use good spelling and grammar. I will not be so picky on this because I do not have the best grammar and spelling but I try. DAMNIT! I TRY! But I will not stand for net talk. Big no no.

9. If you have a problem with another player, bring it to the MOD or settle between yourselves over AIM or MSN or whatever. Just do not bring it into the game or I will have some killing to do.

10. All big plots shall need to be brought to the MOD attention before putting into play. But little ones are fine. Also feel free to plot! Plot lots! More plots the better! *nods* The MOD also likes ideas that everyone can role play like dances or a fire or something like that. So if you have a good one bring it to the MOD's attention and we can work something out.

11. No GOD MODDING! This means you can't control anyone else's character. No excuses for this one unless you were given permission by the person while you are role playing that scene. So there is one excuse but if I find out you are lying to me, you are booted!

12. No using *Heero shot Duo*. All role playing and such will be using proper paragraphs. One exception to this is commenting on each other journals, since that won't really proper role playing.

13. Have fun!

Rules are subject to change or be added to. So check back every now and then. Peace baby!! Also some rules are stricter then others but just try and follow all of them.

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Heero Yuy - youjinbukai - AIM: Teisuu
Quatre Reberba Winner - rabarba_dance - AIM: Sumeragistar
Duo Maxwell - braided_baka_ - AIM: Tiny Draggie
Trowa Barton - silentobserver3 - AIM: BlackHatsaharu
Chang Wufei- brother_dragon - AIM: ba xiong di
Lucrezia Noin - lady_nine - AIM: Tiny Draggie
Relena Peacecraft - peacecraft01 - AIM: BlackHatsaharu
Dorothy Catalonia - fourchettefille - AIM: zinnfoliesterne
Catherine Bloom - naifu_chan_ - Yahoo: chibinaifu
Hilde Schbeiker - zinnfoliesterne - AIM: zinnfoliesterne
Sylvia Noventa - televisioneyes - AIM: zinnfoliesterne
Solo Maxwell - deaths_friend - AIM: BlackHatsaharu
Aiden Sterling - foreverobscured - AIM: Teisuu
Ron Meiran - NEEDED
Mariemaia Kushrenada - NEEDED
Sally Po - NEEDED
Milliardo Peacecraft - NEEDED
Treize Khushrenada - NEEDED

Game has started but we need the characters badly!!

These are the main characters! *nods* If you want Howard or someone else and can some how fit them into the story then go ahead and apply for them! Just because the person you want isn't on the list doesn't mean you can't have them.

OC are allowed but only when this whole list is taken. But OC applications will be picked over with a fine tooth comb and will be posted so the other players can say ya or nah to it. *nods*

Your first step to getting started is to apply for a character that you would like to play. Send any applications to shao_pai_long@hotmail.com with the title "GW Application for ….". Got it? Good.

Real Name:
AIM/MSN/Yahoo: Optional
Main Journal: Optional
RP Experience: (If you haven't had any, let us know, it won't be a huge deal!)
Why do you want to join?:

Your Character-
Character Desired:
Character Personality:
Character Quirks/Appearance:
Character Birthday:
Character Sexual Preference (Bi/Straight/Gay):
What pairs do you support?:
Sample journal entry (first person):
Sample of third person post:
Character History: Tell me a bit about their home life/Childhood
Character Plot Ideas: Answering Negative is fine.

Yes I know that is a huge ass application but you don't have to give me an essay for each one. Just give me a paragraph or whatever telling me about your character. Just do the best you can. *nods*

But if you are trying out for an OC character I want a FULL DETAIL everything about him or her. We do not want any Mary or Gary Sue in this community. *nods* This means I want paragraph upon paragraph telling me what they are good at and their flaws and things like that. No one is perfect. Except Heero.

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Once you have been accepted make a SEPARATE journal for your character. I do not want you using your main journal or another journal that you have made for the same character but are using in a different RP. Make a whole new journal for your character!

Also something to keep track of the time in the game: To keep track of the days during the game you should check the calendar every so often because that will have the day on that the rp is on. Also if the day has gone ahead to the next and you still need to post in an old rp it is ok. Just finish up that rp. Also the time of day doesn't need to be in order: example - break, then lunch, then supper. The time of day can be all over the place: example - supper, then early morning, middle of English class. *nods* I hope that makes sense. If not just contact me and I will try and explain better.

Role playing posts: These can be either done by AIM or through comments on a post. All rps will be put in the main community. The format shall go:

Who: (who it is open to)
Where: (where in the school does it take place)
When: (when does it take place)
Rate: (the rating)
Status: (is it complete or incomplete)
Summary: (this is where the lj cut goes)
The rest is your post which is in the third person.
Thoughts are always italicize and if you want to emphasize a word make it bold.
Personal Journal: Is a school program that every student has to do. Each journal is connected to everyone else's and if you don't put something behind a private sign then the rest of the school can read it. So be careful. Journal posts are in first person.

The format for a personal journal post is just that you need to have when it was made.
When: May 2, late at night

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Any questions about anything or you think I should add something more. Just IM at AIM: tiny draggie or MSN: shao_pai_long@hotmail.com or send me an e-mail at shao_pai_long@hotmail.com.

Yes I love colors! That and chocolate. *nods*